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Menicon Z-alpha

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Menicon Z-Alpha Lenses

Menicon has developed what we believe to be the ultimate lens material in the high Dk segment, the Menicon material. Their chemists worked for years to develop a material which maintains the physiological advantages of high Dk, but is free of the problems which have been observed in other high Dk materials.

Menicon is the RGP as it was meant to be. In other words, it combines the best physiological characteristics of high oxygen permeability with the more desirable mechanical properties of low Dk materials, such as resistance to flexure and breakage, a more durable surface to resist scratching, and low lipid uptake on the surface of the lens.

  • Material: Silicone-containing methacrylate
  • Oxygen permeability: (Dk) 163
  • Wetting angle: 23.1

Type: Conventional (or Vial) lenses